PWB Board of Directors

Edward Nestlerode - Canvas

R. Edward Nestlerode, Jr.

Vice President & CEO of Nestlerode Contracting Co. Inc.
Director Since 1995
Joseph Kluger - Canvas

Joseph E. Kluger, Esquire

Vice Chairman
Managing Principal of Hourigan, Kluger & Quinn P.C.
Director Since 2013
Daniel Brewer - Canvas

Daniel K. Brewer, CPA

Owner of Brewer & Company, LLC
Director Since 2012
Michael Casale - Canvas

Michael J. Casale, Jr, Esq. 

Principal of Michael J. Casale, Jr. Esq., LLC
Director Since 1999
William Edwards - Canvas

William J. Edwards 

President & Owner of JEB Environmental Technologies, Inc.
Director Since 2012
James Furey II - Canvas

James M. Furey II 

President & Owner of Eastern Wood Products
Director Since 1990
Richard Grafmyre - Canvas

Richard A. Grafmyre, CFP® 

President & CEO of JSSB and PWB
CEO of Luzerne Bank
Director Since 2010
D. Michael Hawbaker - Canvas

D. Michael Hawbaker 

EVP of Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.
Director Since 2007
Leroy Keiler - Canvas

Leroy H. Keiler III

Operator of Leroy H. Keiler, Attorney at Law
Director Since 2006
Brian Knepp - Canvas

Brian L. Knepp, CPA

CEO of The M-Group
Director Since 2015
John Nackley - Canvas

John G. Nackley, Sr. 

President & CEO of InterMetro Industries Corporation, a division of Emerson
Director Since 2013
William Rockey - Canvas

William H. Rockey

Retired SVP of JSSB
Director Since 1999
Jill Schwartz - Canvas

Jill F. Schwartz

Senior Partner, Wyoming Weavers
President of Fortune Fabrics
Director Since 2013
Hubert Valencik - Canvas

Hubert A. Valencik

Retired SVP & COO of JSSB
Director Since 2005

Ronald Walko - Canvas

Ronald A. Walko

Retired President & CEO of JSSB
Director Since 2000