Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans

Jersey Shore State Bank representatives take pride in helping people accomplish their goals. They take the time to talk to you, explain the bank's programs and services and develop a plan that will fit your business needs.

Commercial Mortgage Loans

Purchase, build, expand or upgrade your location with one of our commercial loans. Our bankers will work with you to structure your loan to suit your individual business needs. A Jersey Shore State Bank commercial mortgage loan can provide your business with the necessary funds to grow.

Equipment Loans

Whether you require a personal computer or heavy equipment, we can offer you a loan to help you acquire the equipment you need to run your business.

Lines of Credit

We provide lines of credit to assist your working capital needs. These variable rate loans allow you to borrow funds, repay the balance and borrow again when you need cash to help your business prosper.

Letters of Credit

We can provide your business a letter of credit to allow you to make a purchase when you require it.

Agricultural Loans

The basic farming operation has grown in size and complexity requiring short-term, long-term and seasonal financing. As both farmers and bankers, our Agricultural Lending Specialists have the hands-on experience of the farming industry as well as comprehensive knowledge of products and services you need. This combination allows them to provide you valuable direction and customized solutions for your particular needs whether it's a farm expansion, increased financial performance or a planned retirement.


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