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What Is A Mortgage Pre-Approval And Why Should I Have One?


It might seem repetitive to seek a "pre-approval" before actually getting approved for a mortgage, but there are some surprising benefits to having one!

What Are Mortgage Points Anyway?


Have you ever seen the term “mortgage points” or “points” when looking to purchase or refinance a home? If so, you are not alone. Many of the loan options on the market today give borrowers the option to pay points.

6 Tips for Holiday Spenders


A list of tips for spending this holiday season. No matter your income level or budget, this article will allow you to free yourself from the headaches that come with holiday shopping should you choose to take heed.

Everyday Banking 101: Savings Accounts


A breakdown of why a savings account could mean huge strides in your financial stability down the road. Whether you're just looking to start saving, or you want to give your nest-egg "legs." here are some quick facts that will help you understand what account is best for you.

9 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers


A collaborative list of tips put together by top mortgage industry experts from JSSB Mortgage Services to help any first-time home buyer prepare for the life of a home owner!

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