E-Statement User Guide

NOTE:  You must have a Jersey Shore State Bank account and Internet Banking to sign up for E-Statements.

Step 1: Locate the E-Statements tab.

Log into your Internet Banking Account.  Click on the tab titled E-Statements.  See Figure 1.


Locate the E-Statements Tab

[Figure 1.]

Step 2: Complete the Enrollment form.

After you click the E-Statement tab in Internet Banking, you'll be asked to answer a few enrollment questions.  There are links attached to the questions with more information. Be sure to click I agree to the listed terms at the bottom of the form and then click Enroll Now.  See Figure 2.

Enrollment Form

[Figure 2.]

Step 3:  Completing the Enrollment Form

After you click Enroll Now an Enrollment Confirmation box will pop up.  This box is to confirm your enrollment.  At this point you will have received a confirmation email to the email address you supplied/verified in Question 2 above.

Congratulations!  You are now enrolled in E-Statements!

When your next statement is available, you will receive an email to the email address you provided in Question 2 of Step 2.  The email functions as your notification that the new statement is available for viewing.  In the email will be a link to access your new statement.  You can also log into your Internet Banking Account, click on the E-Statement tab and view your E-Statement that way.

To View your Statement through the Email Notification...

Click on the link provided in the email.  You will then be asked to provide your Internet Banking login information.  This will unlock the PDF of your E-Statement.

To View your Statement through Internet Banking...

Go to www.jssb.com and log into your Internet Banking Account.  Click on the tab titled E-Statements. Unlike Step 1 above, you will now enter the E-Statement Widget of Internet Banking where you can access your E-Statements and edit your information.

The main screen of the E-Statement widget will show the available E-Statements.  You can use the drop menu to choose which account you want to see the statements for and choose which of the statements you'd like to view by clicking View under View Details.  See Figure 3.


[Figure 3.]