Get more of the money you're owed without more work!

Get the money you’re owed!

Accepting checks from your customers is necessary, but it can be risky. Many, many Americans write checks when they pay for goods and services; but, unfortunately, 1–3% of them will “bounce.” What’s more, businesses using traditional collection methods recover only about 40% of funds from checks that have been returned due to non-sufficient funds (NSF). That’s why the Re$ubmitIt® electronic check recovery service is so valuable to you. This FREE service utilizes proven RCK (electronic re-presentment) technology to help you collect more money from NSF checks, while you spend less time and resources on the collection process. With Re$ubmitIt,® bad check collection is no longer such a burden.

How Re$ubmitIt works

  1. Your business accepts checks and deposits them to your JSSB business checking account
  2. A customer’s check is returned to JSSB due to non-sufficient funds (NSF).
  3. JSSB sends the returned check to the Re$ubmitIt® processing center for recovery.
  4. Re$ubmitIt® converts an eligible check to an electronic transaction and re-submits it to the check writer’s bank account for payment.
  5. The face value of all checks collected by Re$ubmitIt® is remitted in full to your bank account on a weekly basis via automatic deposit.
  6. Re$ubmitIt® charges the check writer a state-regulated fee.

The recovery costs you nothing.

If you have questions about the Re$ubmitIt® electronic check recovery service, email Re$ubmitIt® at  (Do not email confidential information) or call 1-866-860-5906.